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Our fun little company was started by two guys far from home that shared a passion for making things that are beyond the ordinary‚Äč. From humble beginnings as vloggers in Tokyo, we grew our talents and company with the mindset of putting originality and creativity above anything else.


After moving back stateside we decided to turn what we already love to do into a fully fledged media company so we can share our unique style and artistry with a much wider range of people. there is no better feeling than helping people realize their unique vision for a project. Over the last few years we have grown  from our Phoenix location and branched out to cover major cities all over the West coast, all while bringing even more talented creators, cinematographers, and artists in to help create a platform, thats helps to produce and cultivate a unique user experience for every project we work on.


 Whether its our cinematic videography, one of a kind photography, innovative graphic design, or breathtaking drone footage, we start every project with a complimentary brainstorming session to help us create the best version of your vision possible and individually tailor everything from the ground up to make sure not only is it one of a kind but more importantly it's and expression of you. Thats creativity first, thats Lokyo.


- Adam Falk & Michael Herrington

co-founders Lokyo Multimedia