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Everyone is Lokyo

When we opened we decided the best way to make the widest amount of interesting, unique one of a kind content would be to elevate as many creatives as we could from as many different areas and walks of life as possible. Our aim has always been to promote and empower creatives to have the mobility to thrive doing the things they love doing. That's why in 2019 when we started offering co-op production in multiple major cities across the country. We partner with our extensive network of talented creatives to shoot projects anywhere while using our infrastructure to manage all the pre and post-production as well as client management to give everyone involved the best experience possible by letting them focus on the parts they do best.  

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Worker cooperatives are nothing new they have been a vibrant and proven ethical alternative to a top-down business model in everything from food and beverage to retail to technology companies, but we at Lokyo are proud to bring this method to the photo and film production industry

If you are looking to have a project made this can bring you a reliable and consistent professional quality production from any area you are looking to shoot in, tailored to the specifications that best fit your needs  without the hassle of looking through dozens of options and the knowledge and experience to guide you through every aspect of your project to get the best results possible


And if you are a creator we welcome you to join our network of like minded photographers and videographers who would like nothing more than to help you grow and thrive in your craft and have access to as many and exactly the types of projects you are passionate about and the range and flexibility that comes from having a full range of marketing and client management all while you focus on the part that got you into making your art in the first place 


From our days of filming little vlogs in Japan it has always been our dream to make a place people could go to work together to do more than any one of us could do individually and whether you are here to have something made or here to make something we would like to personally like to thank you for considering being a part of Lokyo

-Adam and Micheal

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